Monday, July 13, 2009


I meant to write earlier to let everyone know that I wouldn't be around for awhile. Actually, I thought I would be back by now and didn't feel the need to say I would be away - If you can follow that.

However, I realize now, I can't come back just yet - lots of stuff going on - none of it bad. I'm just really busy with matters that came up suddenly.

I'm sorry that I'm missing Jason's contest, but I will be sure to read all the entries at some point. I certainly wanted to enter - even had a good idea, which I will work on and post, at some point, on Old Mossy Moon. Good luck to all of you who are entering. It's always so exciting!!

Sorry, too, that I can't visit your blogs for a time. I'll miss that, but will catch up with everyone soon.

Best regards to all of you wonderful writers and poets,