Sunday, November 16, 2008



What can I say to you
that has not already
been revealed in these tiles,
scattered in magnetic profusion
on the face of my cold, flat life?

Honestly, if I could write to you
without words - I’d do it.

What words can give you back that morning,
when you ran to the top of the mountain
to see a red tail hawk resting in a chestnut tree.
Yes, I saw you running, your hair
a silky river streaming behind you.

If I had words to send you, I would want
you to swallow them like a tonic,
because I know, they would be potent.

But my words lay hidden, like onionskin eggs
placed in cold clumps of new, spring grass –
wizened eggs, petrified now,
in their waiting to be found and counted.

Back when our days belonged only to us,
my lips gave the trees permission to whisper
our names to the larks winging overhead.

And now,
now a silence of words gathers at the rim of
my life and prevents me from saying all those
things that I should have said years and years ago.

written, spoken,
lost, broken.


Julie said...

K, I am in awe over this poem. Beautiful, wonderful, spectacular. And beautifully sad, too. These lines really jumped out at me:

"But my words lay hidden, like onionskin eggs
placed in cold clumps of new, spring grass –
wizened eggs, petrified now,
in their waiting to be found and counted."

Wow. Take my breath away. Onionskin eggs placed in cold clumps of new, spring grass. I am breathless. You have written a poem I would love to have written, and thank you for posting it! The ending is so powerful, too.

And thank you for linking me. I've been meaning to ask if I could link you, and then I get scattered with the wind. I'll get you up there today, so I can come back without having to search for you:) Take care.

blue rogue said...

Hello K. I'm honored that you dropped by. Thank you for the words of encouragement I will hopefully (cross-fingers) take to heart. Hehe.

I understand that you live in a place that is totally different from mine. Even our birds have completely different tunes.


I love how you so effortlessly brought this to me. Beyond my doorstep and into my mind. I can feel your sadness through your images, even when they are things I have never seen before. You said mine was looming. Yours are an intense burst of minute details...sight, sound, scent.

It made me miss just wandering around.

I think I will do that. Thank you for this. It's an incredible experience for my first tentative return to the blogsphere. :)

And, yes. I'd be honored to be included in your links. I hope you won't mind the quid pro quo. :)

Sarah Hina said...

Honestly, if I could write to you
without words - I’d do it.

This really moved me. If I could let you know without words, too, K...well, you know.

Stunning images that stretch from past to present, and wobble in the spaces between. Sometimes, time petrifies that silence, and makes it seem unshakable. I'd like to think it weren't, but the raw truth of this poem is too strong for any sunny bromides.

So heart-wrenching, K. And beautiful.

Vesper said...

Yet your words weave magical images and feelings...


rosetta said...

your words have opened my mind and heart to reflect back on feelings that should have been expressed in relationships that have past on. why weren't things said? what really could have been said? we move forward and vow not to let it happen again. thank you K for always bringing myself to the surface.

blue possum said...

K, I think this poem moved me more than any other. It seemed to me like you were writing about someone who you have a very close bond with. This poem made me so emotional. I really love it.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Julie, Aren't you sweet. I am pleased if my poem has struck a chord with you. I believe that we do entertain a familial harmony - as you said, a kinship, and that is a good thing.

You honor me with your eloquent words. Thank you so very kindly. ;D

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Blue Rogue - I am in awe of your poetry, the delicacy of its meaning and the skill with which you bring it to fruition. I have my fingers crossed as we speak! ;)

I thank you for your extraordinary comment on my work - your response is poetry in and of itself. With all my heart, I hope you will visit Old Mossy Moon often. :) I will see you on EXTRAPLANAR.

Catvibe said...

I know that silent place. You have captured it and made it into such a piece of beauty. Absolutely gorgeous. I'd like to trade links with you and put you on my blog roll. We have a similar style using images with the poetry. I look forward to getting to know you better and reading more of your lovely writings.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Sarah, I love the way you word your comments - so full of feeling.

My sister once asked me why I write such melancholy poetry; especially since I have such a bright and happy life. Until she asked me that, I had no idea that I wrote sad poetry! Everyone has their genre in writing and everyone has a least two sides - in my case, maybe even four or five.

Thanks for listening. (lol) and thanks for your visits. I enjoy them!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Vesper, many thanks to you. We all weave our magic and toss it "out there" to catch someone's interest. I am glad that you have found something in my poetry to cling to. Blessings -

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Catvibe - It is always enthralling when poets connect. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a flattering comment. I will be happy to trade links with you. Please visit again soon. I'll be swinging by your site later on. :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Rosetta - In my case I was young. I didn't KNOW what to say. Looking back - I realize that it was because I had no life experiences. I had no wisdom. Don't regret life Rosetta - it is, what it is. You are a beautiful soul and I wouldn't want you any other way. <3 K.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

My Dearest Blue Possum, I love when I see your name! I cherish your comments.

Yes, someone who was like a sister to me, and a combination of others. I guess I just wanted to express the idea that I should have said more to her. But, I don't know how I could have. We talked deeply, but looking back I just wish there had been more time or better thoughts....but, like I said to Rosetta, we shouldn't regret life - that is no way to live.

But, it is something to think about for existing relationships.

Catvibe said...

By the way, I love your Renaissance profile picture.

rosetta said...

k,we never regret life just some of our actions and words or lack there of

joaquin carvel said...

these kinds of poems are so difficult to get right - and you completely nailed it. i especially like the delicacy and complexity of the piece and how it concludes, as if it's been dropped, and shattered.

this is one i will be reading and re-reading. thank you.

blue possum said...

Thanks for the kind words! Visiting your blog is so special to me. I almost feel like this is a comfort being at home!

I don't like living with regrets. That's why I like indulging in my favorite foods!! LOL!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Joaquin - Thanks a million for stopping by and commenting so literarily on this poem. I really like the way you describe the ending.

I have been enjoying your poetry on, Lyrics and Maladies. Your poems have an adventurous spirit - very artful work.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Blue Possum - I am happy that you find comfort here. You are always welcome.

As for eating whatever you want - when you want it, I say good for you. My problem is that if I eat whatever I want - THAT is my regret!!! lol ;P
Oh, well.

trooping with crows said...

I am almost at a loss for words (no pun intended....)
I love that your poems are these little narratives, these little stories. There is no doubt in my mind that you have a thousand more to tell.
This poem is just beautiful in every way. Regret is one of the hardest emotions to live with I think and like you said...what is, just is. When we didn't say or do something that we feel we should have, maybe we weren't meant to?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Trooping with Crows - awww thanks for your kind words and insightful comments. I am always so very happy to see you here.

Yeah, I have always thought of poetry as short, short stories. It is like flash fiction - paring down a story to bare bones. I am a very wordy it is hard sometimes to do away with superfluous words.

And you are right, about not saying something that you thought you should have said....sometimes I regret it when I say TOO much. ;) Blessings

Anonymous said...

Kaye, you cut to loved, but scarred-over nostalgia so deftly. I feel the tug to run, and the vow to never lift a foot again, at the same time. Nostalgia is passion in pain.

Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

This is rich - love the word choice and imagery - the oinionskin eggs, etc.

The general introspective theme is appealing and the message resonates with most folks as we have all had our moments of regrets, unsaid words, etc. It's this personal connection that truly connects the reader to the piece.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Minister - I am happy when I can write a poem that touches a chord with others. I know we have all "been there" before. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

gel said...

Only one read through and this took my breath away as tears trickled down my face while I remembered.

The multicolored tapestry you weave of passion too profound for mere words, of experiences too intense to capture in the verbal mode, is as intoxicating as it is darts to my heart. So I read it again and again, each time aloud, as that is the way I prefer to read poetry.

You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it here.

Someday, maybe you'll post your voice reading your poetry?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Gel - I am so happy to have you here at Old Mossy Moon. Your comments were so sweet and reflective. Please visit often.
Blessings, Gel, and thanks for stopping by - K.

Oh, and, yes, maybe when I figure more things out about blogging - I will read my poetry. ;)