Wednesday, February 18, 2009



we stop
we hold
our breath
we watch
we listen

by the look of things
by the sound of things
we guess a miracle
has taken place

we grasp hands
just for a moment
the wall of silence
opens up between us

we laugh and cry
we sing and sigh
just for a moment
we touch beyond

what we have been
to each other all these
years for a moment
and then
the moment is gone
and so are we


Bob said...

Wow, Kaye... just... wow... simple and elegant... and thoughtful... I really love it.

George said...

For a moment, it can hold so much, only for a moment.

When gone, the memories spans years...

K, I love this...

It's funny how our most powerful time is sometimes measured in moments...

Catvibe said...

A sweet and tender remembrance of those moments we want to live in forever, and the delicacy of knowing that nothing is forever. Beautiful and poignant.

Margaret said...

These moments are precious, valuable and so dear. But they can be over before we even realize that they're there.
That's why we have to grab and relish every moment life gives us.

Beautifully written...

Sarah Hina said...

I held my breath, too. I sank into the moment with them. Felt the sweet thrill of connection. And the ache of its passing.

Another heart-bender, K. I really do feel like time slows down when I read your poems. Amazing. :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Bob - Thanks so much! This one could be written from our collective human experience, I think. I appreciate your enthusiasm.

George - Ooo, I love that! "It's funny how our most powerful time is sometimes measured in moments..." ;D

Thanks for your wonderful remarks.

Hello Cat, thanks so much for your sensitive and thoughtful observations. You always have that keen awareness.

Margaret - glad you stopped by. I appreciate your insightful comments. Thanks a bunch!


Hello Sarah, What a wonderful compliment - thank you! I was imagining how it must be for two people, who are on bad terms, to come together for a "moment"! This is what resulted. ;)

Linda S. Socha said...

Elegant, beautiful and touching.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Linda...I appreciate those affirming words. ;)

laughingwolf said...

seems even the most treasured times end too quickly, klg... nicely wrought

Karen said...

Every time I finish one of your poems, I release a big breath and say, "whew!" I know that's not very poetic, but it's real, and it's true.

Your poetry reminds me of the poetry of the masters. It is delicate and polished to perfection.

I love this one. Period. Whew!

blue possum said...

Mom, what a beautiful poem!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I've been so busy recently and my schedule is nuts...I don't know if I'm coming or going!! I guess you know how crazy I've been, I talk to you every day for Pete's sake!! haha But hopefully by next week I'll be a regular again!

Anyway, I do love this poem. I definitely got chills, as I usually do reading your poetry!

With the visions of CATS still very fresh in my mind, I'm reminded of our favorite song when I read this! Let me tell you, when the music was building, I knew what was coming, and I was already crying. Then Grizabella nailed it..."Touch me, it's so easy to leave me...." I'm still getting chills thinking about it! I forgot how wonderful CATS really is! And how it's so true to life. I'd like to think that there really is one night every year that the Jellicle cats gather!

trooping with crows said...

So great to be back here! Sorry for the hiatus, know all the PC trouble I've had.

I think I said to you once, that I love those moments when you feel like "I could not be more happy and content then this moment and I don't want this to end!" Not a very common feeling in a hard world, but thank goodness for those reviving moments. It's like a total lightening of the spirit. So once again, you've captured my thoughts and put them into words I could never write.
I loved it and I love you.

joaquin carvel said...

i am floored by:
"by the look of things
by the sound of things
we guess a miracle
has taken place"
- they always do that, don't they? disappear when we're convinced we need them, then show up when we're so preoccupied we don't even notice. until we stop.

i suppose we are always in some moment or other - but is it too much to want the years to be this moment - the wonderful one you captured wonderfully?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Wolf - so true, my friend. Thanks for coming over to visit. Always delighted to see you here.


Karen - I really appreciate your very kind comments. I deem it high praise coming from such a good poet. Glad to see how successful your blog has become! :)


Blue Possum - Thanks a bunch! I know you have been really busy with everything - so thanks for stopping in. I 've missed you Glad you liked the poem. It's new.

I had to put the CD in - lol, listening to it now. (whoa) Yes, it such a special production. You know there is such a thing as a Jellicle Night! We've spent many of them right here over the years... <3 ;)


Hi TWC - glad your computer woes are over now. It is good to have you back at OMM Glad the poem resonated with you. Yes, I love those life affirming times, when sadness cannot penetrate. I like that - a lightening of the spirit. Thanks for those great thoughts. <3 ;)


Joaquin, yes, if only we could stay "in the moment" - that little miracle of life - that let's us know we still depend on the devine. When two people have separated - can they be reunited in "the moment?" Thank you so much for your astute reflection.

Julie said...

You've given us the moment right here and now. And it is beautiful. The words are lovely, as are all of your poems:)

I think a lot about moments, those times that are seemingly simple but aren't really. Your poem reminds me of so many of these times. And now I have to go call a loved one. How awesome that your poem did that for me. It's always a treat to visit the Old Mossy Moon.

Poetikat said...

I'm new here. I came by way of Karen at "Keeping Secrets". I follow Karen and Jule Buffalo-Loder and Rachel Westfall and now I shall most definitely be following you as well.

I particularly loved your Valentine's Day poem - the pacing of it, mirroring the dance, the placing of the crows of chance and the grand finale. Brava!

I would be most pleased if you would venture over to my blog, "Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes" (but the other one if fun too) and investigate my work ( I don't think you can pin me down to a genre).


Kat Mortensen

Noelle said...

I loved this...I actually held my breath...the memories of life...that just slip away

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece....look at this.
"what we have been
to each other all these
years for a moment
and then
the moment is gone
and so are we"

It reminds me of a very gray day walking home from school...ah memories..memories. Splendid piece.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Julie - I wondered how two people, who were on bad terms with one another, would react when brought together by a miracle. (Say a birth in the family, a loved one who came back from an illness, etc.) This poem came out of those musings.

How nice that this poem served as a catalyst for you to make a call. ;) It makes me happy to know that you like your visits here. I surely enjoy having you!


Kat, Welcome to Old Mossy Moon. I am delighted that you decided to stop in. I'm very appreciative of your kind comments on my poetry. Please drop in often! I shall certainly pay you a visit over at your place. Thanks!


Noelle - Welcome! Glad you stopped by. :) Yes, so many events in time and space that we remember as moments in our lives... there's endless moments to ponder. I hope you will stop in again. Thank you for the nice remarks.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Clay, glad the poem provided you an opportunity to slip back in time - to a memory that you hold dear. Thanks so much for coming by. ;)

Aine said...

I love how you've captured an experience that so many can relate to.

But my reaction seems to be a bit different than the others. I get frustrated with such moments. Because they feel so unnecessary and unauthentic to me. It's the idealist in me (specifically the INFJ, probably-- :P) that believes that we shouldn't have to rely on such moments to clearly see the connections we share with others. If such a connection exists between two people, then shouldn't they be open and honest and genuine so that the positives are always embraced? I find fault in the persons (myself included) for creating or allowing the walls to block them from each other.

But, that's just my vision of how life "should" be...alas.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

aine - yes...alas! that is the way should be.

this poem actually came from a thought of two people who were not on speaking terms, coming together for - say the birth of their grandchild. now, upon looking at the child for the first time together, for that instant, they are happy. so, yes, why is it the rest of the ORDINARY moments they "hate" one another?

just a thought - in no way autobiographical.

thanks so much for stopping in, aine. I loved your comment.

Anonymous said...

The first stanza with the two word pairings feels like holding a breath. The sentiment feels like the intersection of memory and desire.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Jason, I was hoping the first stanza, would affect the reader in just that way. Thank you, as ever, for your comment. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is mariah flaim. I am rosemary flaim's daughter.My mother told me about this site and i read this poem and felt this feeling in my stomach. It is the same feeling i get everytime i look at my window on a sunny morning and hear the birds sing. I just wanted to tell you that this poem was amazing and will have to send you some of my poems sometime. I wish i could write as elegantly as you.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Miriah, I am so glad to see you here! Thank you so very much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I appreciate you kind words and reflective thoughts.

I would love to read your poetry. Please email me some of your work. You can find my email address on my More About Me page. The link can be found under the picture at the top of my blog under the picture of woman writing. Please email me soon with your work. I am so anxious to read your poetry. Your mom said you are about to enter another contest. Good Luck! I just saw your mom today! The Flaim women are so talented and so intelligent! Thanks again for coming by. K. Lawson Gilbert