Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I sit in a cool
triangle of shade
beside a sunny lake,
overtaken here and there
by lily pads, accented
with white blossoms sitting
in the lotus position.

I imagine gold fish,
as big as Buddha,
resting in the tangle
of roots below -
in silent meditation.

I remove my sandals and
walk along the grassy edge
of the lake, holy ground,
where clear water puddles
and pools in silence.

Suddenly, a sparrow lands
on a willow tree branch,
just above my head.
She sings and points
with a delicate wing
to the gibbous moon,
mysterious and pale,
in the late morning sky.

It is her gift to me.
What else can she give?
What more could I want?


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...


Lisa said...


Linda S. Socha said...

Magic! Can you show me how to go there??

Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

Serene and beautiful. This piece just seems to settle the mind as you meditate over the words. I am partial to the Eastern imagery, especially the reference to the fish in the tangle of roots, etc.

...thank you for the offering!

Margaret said...

It is her gift to me.
What else could she give?
What more could I want?

I wouldn't want more. This peaceful scene fills me with utter satisfaction!

the walking man said...

It is an interesting narration, imparts quite well the Zen nature of the thinker and the paths traveled to understanding and the calmness imparted with serene knowledge.

These words bring the moon to full.

Karen said...

What a feeling of grace this poem conveys, with its zenlike images. I love the speaker's recognition of "holy ground" and the connection with the natural world. "What more could I want?"

Really beautiful, peaceful and serene.

Catvibe said...

Beautiful tribute to Monet's painting, I could just get lost staring at the reflections in the water. My favorite part of your poem was when you brought the bird in, it put sound to the painting, and connection and feeling. Just gorgeous, as usual from you, dear K.

Aniket said...

Its Mesmerizing K.

What more could anyone desire?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Alpha - thank you so much I appreciate that.

Lisa - welcome to OMM. I appreciate your leaving such a nice comment. Hope you will come again.

Hi Linda - You possess so much magic of your own. ;))) Thanks, friend.

Minister - You are welcome, and thank you for always supporting and complimenting my work.

Margaret - what a very nice thing to say!! Many thanks to you! ;)

Walking Man - How lovely a statement - "These words bring the moon to full." I appreciate your comments so very much.

Karen - Maybe one day, you and I could sit together by the pond and philosophize. ... or have we already filled up the cosmos with our attempt to explain the nature of existence? ;D

Cat - This is one of my favorite Monet paintings. I know - I could get lost in its shadowy depths, as well. Yes, I have found that anytime a bird is presented, things come to life in a beautiful way. Thanks, my friend. ;)

Hi Aniket - I appreciate your very kind words, as always. ;)

trooping with crows said...

Hey Mom

(Is this the one you wrote on that poetry retreat at the Fatima Center?)
I wish we, as human beings and citizens of the earth could just exsist, harming none. This poem is what I want to feel for at least afew moments each day. Thoughtful and inspiring. Just a gem, Mom.

Bob said...

Amazing, Kaye, you keep managing to outdo yourself... I loved the imagery and the thought at the end... and Monet is my favorite Impressionsit, so I was drawn in before I read the first word... always a pleasure when you have something new up.

joaquin carvel said...

i want to lay my head in the lap of this poem and fall asleep.

there is a perfect balance of stilness and movement in it - and the rhythm is hypnotic - full of reverence and harmony.

and i love that "gold fish" is two words - and how the last two lines feel like a spreading smile.

SarahA said...

I have been to this place. I have been waiting for someone to come and hold my hand, lead me back there and now they have. Thanking, you. Beautiful, you.Just beautiful.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Thanks, Merissa. Yes, that writer's retreat was so great. I'm already looking forward to going again. Wanna go? ;)

Bob, thanks for stopping in...I know how busy you have been with the move and all. I wrote this one while on a writer's retreat...very peaceful there by the pond. I could write with a clear head - something I don't usually do - lol. Thanks!

Joaquin, what a beautiful and complimentary response. Your comment is as meditative as you say my poem is. Thank you, my friend.

findingmywingsinlife said...


I have tried several times to comment on here over the last several days, but internet squabbles with me sometimes

But, after reading some of the other comments, I agree that Joaquin said it perfectly. Your poem is mesmerizing. Placading my need for tranquility, in a life that demands my attention, peace of silence is often left behind in the call to give as much as you can to others rather than yourself.
This was a beautiful read, I truly enjoyed it. Thank you.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Sarah A. - I am happy that this poem took you to a place where you longed to go. What a gratifying comment. Thank you so much. ;)

Finding My Wings - so happy that you finally broke through - lol. I have had some difficulty with the comment area here lately, as well...hmmm? We all desire peace in our lives and it is always noteworthy when we find a little slice of nirvana. Glad you stopped in. Thank you. ;)

Julie said...

K, you never cease to make me smile. Your poems are wonderful, and they are often something I have just experienced. Even the poems I haven't "experienced" feel so real and relevant to my life.

I guess those of us who are friends in this funny little cyber world start to think alike. Or maybe it's because the landscape of our backgrounds is similar. Or, most likely, it's because you convey the language so well. Whatever it is, I love the connection!

I'm not sure if the poem's about the painting or a moment in your life by the lake, but what gets me charged up is that I just came back from the river. I saw those "white blossoms sitting in the lotus position." You have articulated what I felt all afternoon (but couldn't articulate). I wanted to write this poem tonight, but I couldn't. Thank you for writing it! It is holy ground, isn't it? Your last line sums it up beautifully.

The poem contains many beautiful details. The goldfish you imagine (like Buddha) in the tangle of roots, etc. Once again, you have made my day!

Vesper said...

What a splendid, peaceful picture your skilful words paint, Kaye. Just beautiful!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hey, Jules - we are truly connected. I know I feel an affinity with you and your poems, too - as I do with others in this "funny little cyber world" as you so rightly call it. I think we, here in blogland, do have a commonality that binds us somehow. It's great to share in so much poetic wealth.

Thanks very much for all the good commenting. You made my head spin with your compliments. I did write this while sitting beside a small lake. I didn't have my camera with me, but, found this painting of Monet's to fit with the poem. It actually looks very similar to the real lake. Thanks, my friend

Hi Vesper - I appreciate those kind remarks. Glad the poem brought a little tranquility and stillness your way. Thanks, dear Vesper.

S.L. Corsua said...

A place fit for a spiritual retreat. ;) And you've written it while on a writer's retreat. You've been recharged and rewarded with clarity (a moment of enlightenment). Loved the second stanza especially (made me think of the unity of water and earth). Cheers.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi, S.L. - it is so nice to see you back visiting around. I was so delighted to see you posting again.

You are so right. It was a spiritual feast. I came away refreshed and enlightened, which are always good things. I appreciate your kind comments.

Little Girl Lost said...

I imagine gold fish, as big as Buddha, resting in the tangle of roots below - in silent meditation.

those were my favourite lines.
hello k.- you write so magically... this is my first time at your blog and i've fallen in love...
how could i have taken so long in finding you... :)
take care. do visit.

Karen said...

I came back for a dose of tranquility. Your poetry does that - creates a mood and allows the reader to breathe it: deep breaths, in the nose, out the mouth, calming. Thank you.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Little Girl Lost - so happy you dropped in for a visit. Thanks for pointing out your favorite lines and leaving such a sweet comment! I hope you will come by again. I'll swing by your place later on. ;D

Hey Karen - how nice that you dropped in again on this poem. Glad it resonates with you in a special way. Thanks, my friend.

jason evans said...

I read this a few days back, and it still feels like holy ground. You have an amazing way of imbuing a place with everything that is noble in life.

frozenwell said...

the scene was perfectly created...i could feel the soft grass below my feet..nice..i really didnt understand what you meant by 'as big as Buddha' .perhaps you mean that the goldfish was as divine as him..or say as enlightened as him..maybe it was gleaming like knowledge..If you meant one of these i like it immensely..if there is any other hidden meaning other than what i felt then HATS OFF to you...seriously..the whole feeling of sparrow gifting you the moon is so so so beautiful..i must now really think of such beautiful expressions and emotions in my poem too..too good..

Sarah Hina said...

This poem really did feel like a meditation, K. A clearing of the mind and all its swampy need. A reminder for me. To ask less and accept more.

Thank you for these images. Monet's lily pads are beautiful, but you've brought a depth to them here. An entire peaceful, balanced world.

Serenity. That's what I found in this one.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Jason - thank you for that great compliment. It means a lot to me.

frozenwell - I appreciate your reflections so very much and enjoyed being privy to your thoughts on this poem. I think I had in mind just the size of the fish - as in the Laughing Buddha, where he appears to be so large! I enjoyed your visit - please come again. ;))

Hi Sarah, thanks for that. I hope it brought a little tranquil time to your busy days.

Selchie said...

Oh yes, beautifully captured moment. You are the lady!!

Happy days,


K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Selchie - many thanks for leaving such a great comment! See you soon on your new blog...of which I am already a follower!!

Linda S. Socha said...

Totally wonderful and beautiful I want to visit this poem space often

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Linda, you are welcome here anytime, my dear friend. Thanks!