Monday, June 22, 2009


The roses have nothing to do with this post.
I just wanted everyone to see my beautiful roses!


I was tagged by Vesper at Chick With A Quill.

Looks like fun – so, here goes:

Four Movies You Can See Over and Over

The Quiet Man
A Streetcar Named Desire
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Godfather

Four Places You Have Lived

Pratt, WV
Hansford, WV
Richmond, Virginia

Four TV Shows You Love(d) to Watch

Miami Vice
Law and Order
The Deadliest Catch

Four Places You Have Been on a Vacation

Jackson Hole, Montana
Niagara Falls
Sanibel Island, FL
Yellowstone National Park

Four of your favorite foods

spaghetti w/sauce
crab cakes
chicken and dumplings

Four Websites You Visit Daily

Four Places You Would Rather Be

right here at home
English Countryside
Key West, FL
Italian Villa

Four Things You Hope to Do Before You Die

Turn 90
Learn to play the piano
Publish a book of poetry
Read Moby Dick… and enjoy it – I’ve been trying for 30 years!

Four Novels You Wish You Were Reading for the First Time

Anna Karenina
The Clan of the Cave Bear
The Thorn Birds
The Secret Life of Bees

Tag Four People You Believe Will Respond


trooping with crows said...

Mom, I am laughing so much!

First of all, the roses DO look great. Being that the other day when I saw them, they had been pummeled by heavy rains.

Some answers surprised me. I didn't know that you liked The Godfather so much, thought the Big Lebowski or Trains Planes and Automobiles would've been there first. Reading Moby Dick for 30 years is what really made me literally laugh out loud. It's like me with Ivanhoe. Gosh! and I always remember you watching Miami Vice!
I like that you included Clan of the Cave Bear for books you wish you were reading for the first time. That book was like an event in my life.
Well, I really loved you're list. It's funny how these kinds of things are for followers who are trying to get to know K Lawson Gilbert, but I always find out something new too!

Catvibe said...

Fun! I've already been tagged by Vesper so I figured I'd be safe here. ;-) Your roses are gorgeous!

Julie said...

Yay! Can I come over to your house to eat crab cakes and watch To Kill A Mockingbird? Or Law and Order? I love a lot of stuff on your list. I knew we were kin.

Do you like Law and Order Criminal Intent? I love Vincent D'Onofrio. Not sure if I spelled his name right. Tall, dark, and handsome with a T.

Okay, 'nuff of my babble. I LOVE your roses! They are so beautiful! Thanks for such a fun post.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Riss, Well, I took a picture of the roses BEFORE the deluge! lol I do watch the Godfather everytime it is on. Of, course I love T.P.& A. and The Big Lebowski - and I watch them over and over again -but, I could only choose 4. hahaa

OMG - Moby Dick! Somebody help me! If I ever do get through that whale tale- I'll have a party!

Glad you found out something it possible?
Thanks! <3 U

Cat - I knew you had been tagged by V. My poor roses have been pelted with rain - 17 out of 21 days in June we have had rain! We did have a little respite, that's when I quickly took a picture. Thanks!

Hey Jules, Well, come on then. Crabcakes it will be! No, I watch the plain old Law and Order. But, you have made Criminal Intent sound mighty interesting. I wanted to tag you for this, but didn't know if you did internet memes. If you are willing - you are welcome! Thanks!

Mairi said...

Your roses are beautiful. I'm envious. Mine are all new - we moved last year - so they haven't even thought of climbing yet and what blossoms they had were washed away by rain. Maybe next year.
Years ago I went to Mystic Connecticut where they were having a marathon read aloud of Moby Dick in the belly of an old whaler. All you would have had to do was sit still and listen - for about a week.

Vesper said...

Oh, what beautiful roses! I hope they'll get new blooms.

Loved your lists! Thank you for playing, Kaye! :-)

the walking man said...

I'll get to it tomorrow, today's verse already made for a long enough post. Besides I have to think of how to narrow it all down to four everything's.

Turn 90...why not a 100?

Margaret said...

Thanks for tagging me K. I'll get around to it very soon.

I loved your list, great to get to know more about you. :)

I'm sure you'll get through Moby Dick eventually. :D

Glad to see you'd like to be in the English countryside - It IS beautiful. (When it's not raining!) :D

And your roses are gorgeous. I have some very similar in my little garden but, same as yours, they've been pelted by rain the past few days! :((

Aniket said...

The roses are B-E-A-utiful! They had everything to do with the post. :)

You loving Godfather came as a pleasant surprise. Dunno how many times I've seen that and To Kill a Mocking bird myself. :P

And thank you so much for tagging me along. This is fun. Will complete the tag in my next post. :)

Anonymous said...

They are indeed very beautiful. :) As for Moby Dick: not that I've read it, but I understand it's divided into about 150 very short chapters. Perhaps read one a day so you don't get sick of it, or two if you have time?

And hell, why not tie it into poetry and do a few short pieces based off characters/certain chapters/events, etc?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Mairi - thanks. I do take pride in them, I must admit. My husband dumps coffee grounds on them all he is probably the one responsible for their robust beauty. The thing with Moby Dick is I just don't like it. I've read many long novels...but I liked

Hey Vesper...thanks. If we lived closer I would bring you over a bouquet. Thanks for the tag - it was fun... but hard to pare down the list. ;)

TWM - whenever you get to it is fine. I know, right? It took me forever because I couldn't decide which of anything to include. That is the hard part!

90 instead of 100? I don't know. I just never thought living to 100 would be a good thing. Maybe I'm wrong.

Hi Margaret - Hope you didn't mind getting tagged. I can't wait to read your list. The thing with Moby Dick is that I start it and it just bores me silly. I quit on it early. I hate to admit, but there it is! Thanks for your nice comment.

Hi Aniket - glad you will join in the fun. Can't wait to see your answers. Oh yeah, I love the Godfather. My new fav movie is Gran Torino. Have fun with the meme. Be over to check you out. ;)

NamingConstellations - thank you so much. They are truly pretty, aren't they? They brighten up that patch of yard. You know what it is about Moby Dick - I just do not like it I have concluded. I have tried...and God knows I am verbose, but Melville is just too &$#@% wordy. LOL!!
You are right. I should write a poem about a part of it. That is a really good idea. Thank you.

the walking man said...

My great grandmother lived to 106 and my granny 105 and it was cool for them and us.

Julie said...

Thanks for the crab cakes, K! But shhhhh... I'm the world's worst at meme's. I'm just tip toeing quietly through the pretty roses. Hee hee.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Julie - LOL! ;)