Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Out in the pasture,
the cows
are wide-eyed
and bellowing,
as a flock
of birds wheel
in the snowy
air above them -
like a multitude
of holy angels
in the December sky.

Now, everything
becomes a promise –
the smell of hay,
the curl of smoke,
the icy fern along
the frosted path,
the kitchen where
the sausages are
hung high and the
walnuts are crushed
and sugared - where
warm gingerbread
steams the windows,
blurring the moon.

And night’s breath
breathes on us again
in our deep slumber,
as the cows lumber
in silent resolution
into the warmth and
light of the little barn.


Okie Prof said...

Wow. I was trying to write something about a winter's night that was original and it wasn't there. And then, here is Old Mossy Moon filling the ache inside.

And who did the watercolor?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Karen said...

The thing about your poetry is that your language is so beautiful and images so sensory clear that I am inside the frame of the poem with you. I love the whole thing, but the second stanza's imagery blows me away. When I want to know how to write, I come here.

Julie said...

Yes! That second stanza is just so awesome. You know I love it all, but stanza two takes me there in a big way.

I especially love a poem that can make me smell and taste. Your poem made my mouth water. Yes, I tasted your words!

It makes me smell the walnuts, and that is such a unique smell. Actually, you gave me three different scents with that one--whole walnuts, crushed walnuts, and sugared walnuts. For some reason, my sense of smell is very strong, so I really love that subtle difference. A fresh, crushed walnut has more scent than a whole one.

The steam from the gingerbread "blurring" the moon is also wonderful. Again, I can feel the warmth inside, juxtaposed with the cold outside. It is a delight to the senses.

When I think of cows, barns, and winter, I think of Christmas and the story of how the animals can talk at midnight on Christmas Eve. As kids, we tried to sneak out to listen to the animals' conversation, but we always got caught and sent back to bed:)

Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing. It made me feel great during a hectic afternoon.

trooping with crows said...


Mom, you know how we always say that certain things we see, like light reflecting on water, make us feel like "I'm okay" because seeing it is so comforting. That is how I feel reading makes me feel so contented and "okay in this world" My favorite thing is the birds like the angels, what a perfect similie!
Since, I really think of birds as being so spititual. This poem is charming and cozy.

Vesper said...

This is so beautiful, Kaye, so full of the winter's eternal clarity and magic... Thank you!

Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr. said...

Rich and evocatively a feast for the senses. Tone, diction, imagery -- all work seamlessly to create this wonderous piece! Standing ovation!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Sorry, everyone, for taking so long in responding. I have been reading comments on the run, as it were. Forgive my seeming inattentiveness. I always look forward to reading the reflections here and appreciate the wonderful comments and commenters!

Julie - your words always energize me! I am grateful for your enthusiastic response to my little poem. I always think about the animals on Christmas Eve being able to talk, as well. It is a lovely thought and one that assures me that all is right with the world. Thank you so much, dear poet friend.

Merissa, this was inspired by Mr. Dornblazer's cows, those lovely bovine creatures who capture my imagination on morning and afternoon commutes. One morning, a flock of birds remained over the pasture circling several times, reminding me of those angelic revealers of long ago. Thanks so much for your sweet comment.

Vesper - As always, thanks for your special eye. You always see the magic in what I write. :)

Emeniano - I appreciate that very much! I hope you will come back here to visit often. can sit down now. (smile and wink)

Rick said...

You have wonderful that allows you to weave moments that touch our hearts, K. It was a blessing to read this poem. May your heart and creative spirit be felt around the world. A great gift to mankind of simple elegance wrapped in an enduring vision of the goodness to be treasured in life.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Rick, your words warmed me up on this cold winter day! Your beautiful comment means that much to me. Thank you for your friendship. Love...

Vesper said...

Merry Christmas, dear Kaye! I hope it brings you and your loved ones gifts of peace and love.

Mairi said...

I read somewhere recently, and have shared it more than once since, that it is often in its use of the particular that a poem finds the universal. Very true here. A perfect poem for Christmas eve, even though it isn't about Christmas at all. I was just reading your comment about something I wrote lat Christmas and realised I'd lost touch when I moved addresses. Hope your Christmas is as lovely and warm as your poem.

Catvibe said...

Beautiful and full of the feeling of winter's past. Merry Christmas K. Sending love and hugs. :-)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Merry Christmas, Vesper! Hope all your dreams come true in 2011.

Mairi - Many thanks for the nice thoughts on this poem. I hope your Christmas was very merry! I'll stop over for a visit. :)

Cat - Thanks so much. Merry Christmas and all the best to you in the new year. love...

Mairi said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to have found you again. It's not just faith communities that give us the support we need.

Julie said...

I just had to pop back in to say I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Thank you for your friendship.

Wishing you many blessings and lots of joy in the coming year. xox

Rick said...

Hello to you! Happy New Year!! I am so Happy the New Year is here because I know you will fill it with poetry both beautiful and wise.