Friday, January 21, 2011


away from the creamy
smear of a gibbous moon

I hide myself in Shakespeare’s
coat sleeve breathing only

when I remember to breathe
and coming out only to eat

the stale offerings from
an old man’s crooked hand


Gordon Mason said...

Wow! Enjoyed the depth in this.

Karen said...

Yes, I've missed you.

Okie Prof said...

You are so deep...your images astound. As I read this, Laura's Theme from Zivago is playing. so appropriate, poet. and inactivity, ah yes, does it go with the season?

Thank you for this

Kim Nelson said...

Like the imagery created here.

Julie said...

Wow. Amazing and beautiful. From the title to the last powerful lines, I am in love with this piece. A big tip of the hat to you, sis!

Ed Meers said...

Love the last two lines!

Rick said...

Wonderfully elegant, K.

Bob said...

I really, really love this one... I keep coming back to read it again.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Thank you to all who have passed this way in recent days. I treasure your comments and wish you all love and peace. K

joaquin carvel said...

"a state of literary inactivity"? i can relate. though if you can produce this in the midst of it - wow.


Rick Moore said...

K., I will be back to read this many times.

Mr. Neibauer said...

I love great words/phrases:

"gibbous moon"

"stale offerings"

"old man's crooked hand"


I can't think of a better place to end one's life, but with Shakespeare; even if it is only in his pocket!