Monday, November 2, 2009

Richer Than Croesus

like gold coins
and red jewels,
tumble down
from the
and pile up
at our feet -
making us
richer than


Rick said...

Wonderfully profound, K. And the photos were stunning!

Karen said...

This is such a simple, sweet thought, that as I viewed the photos, I could feel the words in every one of them, and I knew how very right you are. As Rick said, it is profound. Lovely.

Karen said...

PS- Can you even imagine living where you don't have this? I cannot.

the walking man said...

Nice poetry and pictures Kay. Your Autumn would appear much richer than mine was.

I had a different take on the fallen leaves today.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. So gorgeous. I'm ready for a picnic. :)

trooping with crows said...

I love the analogy of the leaves as gold coins- I think of the round poplar leaves. I always love your poems like this it's one long flowing statement. Sad, I look out my window now and it looks more like winter today.
Of course, I loved all the photos. Especially those with two certain cats in them. Those two always love to be outdoors with everyone. A simple poem with a deep meaning.

Selchie said...

What a great analogy, a gorgeous autumn. Thank you for sharing it.)

Happy autumn. Sarah.)

Ghost Dansing said...

oh such pretty pictures and the poem is just excellent as usual.... i like the halloween piece too.... i wasn't around much.... later.

joaquin carvel said...

and you have made us richer with this. the photos are breathtaking, and the words as breif and beautiful as a taken breath. true, too - thank you for reminding me where real riches can be found.

Mairi said...

We're all like Danae under a shower of gold at this time of year. It's certainly beautiful in your part of the world.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Thank you, everyone, for your very nice comments. I appreciate all of you so much. xoxo

Annie said...

I love the poem, and your wonderful photographs. I also enjoy photographing treetops, rock, bark and shadows. I get very little of a hint of fall where I live, so I enjoy reading poems like this one.

Margaret said...

Your poem sums up Autumn beautifully K. The magnificent colours enrich us like nothing else.

The photos are brilliant. I've taken some very similar ones here. Maybe I'll post mine too.

Anonymous said...

Great sentiment that I totally agree with. Croesus can keep his hunks of metal. :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Rick - well I am not a very good photographer, but at least you get the picture. :P

Karen - No I can't really imagine myself living anywhere but in these woods. Thanks!

WM - many thanks. Oh, I know! The raking is unending!!

Jason - Yes, the woods here are very magical. Thanks, friend.

Riss - well you know how everyone is selling their mineral rights around here...we would never betray nature like that. Not even for a lot of money. Oh yeah, you know Blue and Possum have to go everywhere with us! <3

Hi Sarah, I appreciate your comment. Happy Autumn to you...even though it feels more like winter here today!

Ghost Dansing - These are pictures of our woods. Thank you so much. I have missed you.

Joaquin - you are so nice. Something tells me you already know where life's real riches are found! Thanks!

Mairi - exactly! Fall is my favorite season, because of nature's rich color scheme this time of year. Thanks.

Annie - You are so sweet. Thank you! Glad this resonates with you.

Margaret - I would love to see your photos. Thanks so much!

Joseph - LOL...I knew you would agree! I appreciate your comment.

Gel said...

A golden poem displaying life's true gems. Glorious photos, too.

(If you get a chance to visit, you'd probably enjoy an earlier post more than my current post. It's called "Guts or Nuts".)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Gel - glad you liked the words and pictures - and I will check it out. Thanks!!

Vesper said...

They do, indeed, Kaye!

You've captured all this treasure in your photos... Fantastic!

Julie said...

Beautiful words and pictures, Kaye! And speaking of pictures, I love your photo. You remind me very much of someone else I know. Good folks have beautiful faces:)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Vesper - I know you appreciate the wealth of nature, too. Thanks so much!

Julie - That is so sweet of you to say. You know what they claim...everyone has a twin. lol Thanks!

Aniket said...

I so want to be there and see this place for myself. I loved the pics. Especially the last one.

Oh, and its nice to see you in the profile pic too.

May be its because of the richness in your writing, but I imagined Karen and you to be much much older. ;)

2 surprises in one day! You people are so very gifted.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Well, Aniket - this is my yard. And if you ever get to Northeast PA - you can swing by and look all you want. lol

Thanks for the compliment - I think! hehehe

Catvibe said...

Simply gorgeous pictures K! And I just want to go squeeze those kittens. Yes I know they are cats, but they are all kittens to me. :-)