Sunday, November 29, 2009



In a passing
about writing,
a poet friend
said she thinks
metaphors are
scary - such as,
“water is blood.”

I don’t want
one thing to be
another thing,
she argued.

Yet, she made
it clear that she
is keen on similes,
explaining - with
a grand gesture
of her hand,
“life is a simile.”

…Is it me?


Karen said...

This is so funny! The title is perfect. I'd say more, but Sharon may be reading...

Rick said...

Okay, this was too much fun! It reminds me of whiskey cake, if you no what I mean. I perfectly innocent cake laced just a little bit of devilment.

Anonymous said...

I like a life of code. It keeps us thinking.

Coffee With Clark said...

terrific quote...of course a metaphor is like...

trooping with crows said...

I love what Rick said!
Mom, I like the way this poem literally, wrote itself. Very funny. I'm glad so much new poetry is emerging in amongest your chaotic schedule. Because, it's some of your best.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Karen, thanks! I thought it was funny at the time it, I hoped that it wouldn't transmute in the telling. ;))

Rick, now I know what kind of birthday cake I want next year. Thanks! ;O

Jason - very true. Sharon will be happy to hear this! *?*

Hi Clark - know it - and thanks! ;P

Hey, Riss - I *always* love what Rick says! If I waited to write when I had time...well, you know the rest.. Thanks for the nice compliment! <3

joaquin carvel said...

great things happen between a sharp ear and a sharp wit. this will have me smiling all night and into tomorrow. thank you!

Aniket said...

I think I'll like this Sharon lady if I met her. Can't argue with that logic at all.

I have such unquestionable beliefs of my own you know. *wink wink*

This was such fun!

Julie said...

I love the voice in this poem, Kaye. It was so much fun to read, and I also love that title. is like a box of chocolates?

Coffee With Clark said...

Thanks are a child of Whitman

Anonymous said...

A simile about metaphors: they're like shots of... I don't know, butterscotch schnapps. One at a time, spaced out over an entire poem, and they're a nice little coloratura to the piece. Ten in a row, and your poem will be flat on its face.

But scary? Naaah.

The ending is priceless. ^_^

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hi Joaquin, glad to make you smile! Thank you.

Aniket - I know you would like her. She is witty, fun-loving, and personable just like you! Thanks!

Julie - glad you liked my little breather poem. Well, you will be kosher with Sharon, as long as you insert "like" in there! :) (Even if she doesn't)

Clark - You are welcome...and - you couldn't have paid me a better compliment. Thanks!

Joseph - your analogy! And - thank you!

Anonymous said...

wonderful and intelligent.

Vesper said...

I love this, Kaye, from the title to the ending. Very clever and the voice is perfect!

Sarah Hina said...

As a sucker for metaphor and simile, this one offered a delicious smile. :)

I love the wry wit and very funny progression here, Kaye. You played it just right!!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

utopianfragments - many thanks for that nice comment! ;)

Thanks, Vesper! I really love to lift a few lines out of a conversation and showcase them this way. It just shows our common experience as writers and conversationalists. ;))

Me too, Sarah. I couldn't write a poem without the help of one or both of these literary devices! Thanks for your wonderful remark!

Ghost Dansing said...

i wonder if language is even possible without metaphor.

Coffee With Clark said...

Send me your address, Whitman child, Old Mossy Moon, to

Catvibe said...

LOL! It is SO good to be back at your place K. Lawson my dear. I've moved, come see my new home and be sure to update your link. It's Gonna go catch up now, see you at the next post down.

Calli said...

Oh, this is good...and happy I came back for more!

enjoy your weekend~

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Ghost - I definitely think it is not possible! How could or would we expound?? Thank you. Hope things are fine with you. ;)

Terry - done deal. Many thanks!!

Hello Cat, It is so nice to see that you are traveling again. Your new digs are just great, btw. Thanks for the wonderful comments on this and the last few poems that you came back to read. I do appreciate the patronage. *?*

Hi Calli - so great to see you again. I will be coming around to the blogs this week. I'll see you then. And...thank you. ;)