Wednesday, July 28, 2010



While trying to discover
the realities and facets
of my spacious present,
I become camouflaged
in real physical time,
where senses become
distorted and where
all experience comes
from second-hand energy
and ordinary circumstances.

I am trying hard to stay
within my bony skull –
in order to travel outside
my plane of existence, but…

Can I help it if I am
obsessed with the theory
of beginning and end -
and that I conceive time
to be a series of moments?



Okie Prof said...

Welcome back, with gratitude for the gifts. Pun: "I've got to think about this poem."

Enough levity--serious stuff, facing mortality, and you have a gift of translating into mere words the deepness, and eternity inside us.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Terry - many thanks for the backing on Coffee With Clark. I really do appreciate your unwavering support of my work.

I have often wondered what it is I try to accomplish with my poetry. In those three lines, you have told me what it is. I can't thank you enough, dear friend.

Bob said...

Finally! New poems! Welcome back, it's good to see you posting your work again... and amazing work as always... I hope all is well with you, my friend.

Julie said...

Hello, Kaye! It's awesome to see you again. I love the poem (and the title rocks). The wit is wonderful. I also love:

"all experience comes
from second-hand energy
and ordinary circumstances."

Right on.

Okie Prof said...

So have you sent it to the New Yorker yet? When will you do that?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Bob - thanks so much. It took a lot to take the plunge I'll see you at your place soon.

Hi Julie - much appreciated. It's hard to get started after being away for so long...thanks for the kind words.

Terry - LOL! Keep after me. I need that.

Cole said...

Meditation takes a great effort, with so much outside of us that becomes trapped inside of us from as you said, "second hand energy". Oh but to quiet one's mind, and push out and away all that static is worth it! Wonderful poem, read it three times to let it sink in. Looking forward to more of your work.

Have a great day.

Agoraphobia said...

I first read a poem of yours from a friend a few years back. since then I found this site, thank you for sharing this beautiful artistry.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Cole - thanks very much. I really think I am pretty good at meditating...sometimes - lol. Good of you to stop in and comment.

Mara, I a happy that you have found it, too. Thanks!

Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

Been there many times meditating and facing the same cerebral traffic! I'm one of those folks who tends to read great ideas that I wholeheartedly think are true, but just can't get to the habitualisation point. It's like stress, right? When we look at what we need to let go of, it's so obvious...but still we cling to them. Practice or the Human Condition?

joaquin carvel said...

it doesn't work for me either - i think you just helped me understand why. :)

but then, if enlightnement must come at the expense of "second-hand energy / and ordinary circumstances" - i think i prefer things a little dim. i love how you've mixed wit and wisdom in this!