Thursday, August 12, 2010


It’s always about the light,
or the dissolution of shadows
and shade that makes it so.

Like the brightness
in the corner of the woods -
filtering down into the fields,

where standing amid the night
blossoms and summer grasses,
the unexpected fox shows himself

and his sweet vulnerability,
never realizing the small
disturbance he has become.


Karen said...

Merissa's painting is gorgeous, and your interpretation of it is perfection. I love the use of "unexpected" fox showing his "sweet vulnerability" and "the small disturbance". Lovely word choice.

Julie said...

Merissa is very talented, and this painting is so beautiful. I also love that you posted a poem to accompany the painting. beautiful. Talent runs in your family!

I agree with Karen about the "unexpected" fox showing himself. It is such a lovely stanza, as is the entire poem. Beautiful work!

trooping with crows said...

Mom, Bravo! Again and again, your beautifully thought out words explain the stories of my paintings to me! I like the way this finally turned out.
"the unexpected fox shows himself" is my favorite line and you know why...(tears, of course) Thank you for making this ordinary painting a profound work.

trooping with crows said...

Thank you Karen and Julie for your gracious compliments. As always, I am flattered!

Okie Prof said...

Opening lines remind me of A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Have you read it?

Good to read you again. I'm reviewing some books of Oklahoma poetry...posts coming soon. I know the publisher, and want to put you in contact with her...

Okie Prof said...

Opening--oh you expressed what photography, and writing are about o well. "It's always about the light." I am fascinated by the creative process regardless of similar it is...and your poem makes me see it better than I ever thought about it. This poem is to be taped on my art table. Thank you!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Karen - this painting has won Merissa a place in the regional art show in the Scranton area. She entered it, along with several other works of art, as an "extra" -and it was chosen - thus the "unexpected". Thanks! :)

Julie - I always appreciate your kind comments. Thanks so much!

Merissa - and it is your artwork that illuminates my simple words. Beautiful painting. Love...

Terry - I thank you for so flattering a comparison! I have read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Dillard is one of my favorite writers. Will be good to read your reviews on Oklahoma poetry.

Merissa and I often discuss the "light" in paintings...some favs are Vermeer, N.C. Wyeth, and Howard Pyle.

Thanks for taping this to your art table - I'm flattered! :)

joaquin carvel said...

troop - i absolutely love the painting. there is something whimsical about it, and something mysterious too - i don't know how you do that, but i'm glad you do.

k - well, i guess ditto that for your poem. especially that last stanza - the filtering of who he is through what we see - a moment where we're both holding our breath. wonderful!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Joaquin - Yes...that moment when we recognize each other as fellow creatures in love with kith and kin - in a dark and enthralling place. Thanks so much!

Catherine Vibert said...

I love this painting! She must have done the black upside down, and the drips give the sense of trees. Wonderful! and your poem, a perfect compliment. I also love how you've redecorated around here! Very nice!

Aniket said...

For the very first time I like the painting more than Kay's poem. And that's saying something.

Its gorgeous... gorgeous painting Merissa! Ditto to everything Joaquin said about it (he's the one who's better with words)

That doesn't mean I didn't love your piece Kay. You are magnificent as always. I enjoyed it even more as its taken me a while to come back here. :)

You guys rock the art world!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Cat, thanks ever so for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Glad you like the new look, too. I am trying get around to visit. I'll be by soon. Merissa is away, or she would be responding, as well.

Aniket - are a doll. Thanks so much for your abiding enthusiasm for all things art and literary!! Merissa will be happy that you like her painting so much. :) I'll visit your place soon.