Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Day of School

When I was a senior in high school, I think I missed the bus about 10 times a month. Dad had to drive me to school. Looking back now, I'm glad I missed it so much, because I had that precious one-on-one time with my dad, but - I digress.

Karen is driving the Poetry Bus this week to school! So, I promised her I would try to be on time.

Oh, so many ways one could go with this, but I wanted to have FUN - since that was the way in which it was presented by our bus driver. I did write a poem for Karen about our WVTech days, but want to keep that for later in September, since it is a little more obscure. I hardly ever rhyme my verse and I really love to. So, with a jaunty wave out of the bus window, here I go...


School bell rings.
Grab your things.
Run to the gate.
Don’t be late!

Heart’s thumping.
Brain’s pumping.
Children weeping.
Mothers leaping.

Summer’s over.
Goodbye, Rover.
Hello fall,
And hallowed hall.

Find a chair.
Fix your hair.
Smile at friends,
Or just pretend.

Shiny shoes.
Pencils (number twos).
Heavy books.
Learning nooks.

Favorite teachers.
Some are creatures.
Principal’s tall.
Vice is small.

School lunches.
Hate them bunches.
Makes my day.

Dismissal Bell.
School’s swell.
Maybe, then,
I’ll go again!


Jinksy said...

That just about sums school up! :)

Peter Goulding said...

Yup, I think you put it quite succinctly (except the last line!!)

Vesper said...

How sweet this is! And, yes, the spirit's there and your poem captured it! I miss it...
It's good though to re-live it vicariously through the kids. :-)

the watercats said...

This poem sweeps along at a pace.. just like all that youthful energy we all posessed/still posess!
lovely stuff!

Anonymous said...

You so captured the fragmented rush of it!

Martin H. said...

I like the rhythm of this. Those frenetic waves that run through school days.

Doctor FTSE said...

Neat to begin and end with a bell.

Argent said...

Really gets that whirlwind feeling of rushing through the school day.

joaquin carvel said...

i love this! "Summer’s over. /
Goodbye, Rover." - perfect!

it is a lot of fun - breathless and alive - just like that back-to-school feeling. and the rhyme just adds to the wonderous smile of it all.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yahoo! Loved it.And it was fun.I think I'll go back to school-so long as it's yours!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I want to thank everyone for stopping in and leaving all the very kind comments.

This "assignment" was lots of fun.
I actually had my first day of school today. The students were all so eager and happy to be in school. It did my heart well to be with them.

Thanks again! :)

Dave King said...

Like that very much. It captures the essence of childhood. I remember a class writing a poem together about their school day. Yours reminded me of it.

NanU said...

Good one! I like the way it swings along, bell to bell

Julie said...

This one is so much fun, Kaye. Have you read it to your students? They are so fortunate to have a teacher like you!

"Some are creatures" made me laugh out loud. I suddenly had a vision of all the weird teachers I ever had. But then I thought of the good ones, too. They were like rare jewels. They really touched my life. I'm not sure what grade you teach, but if you've got a snarky, snarly, trouble making girl who sits in the back row and gives you grief, don't despair. She's listening:)

Karen said...

You captured that first day excitement and flurry with a wonderful childlike rhythm and rhyme. I love the pacing of this!

Thanks for joining in!

Candy said...

Hi, Kay,

Wonderful - reminded me of my first days at Pratt Elementary. So glad to have found your poetry.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Candy - what a wonderful surprise seeing you here! Yes, we started many great school years together in Kanawha Valley - East Bank included. Thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment. Hope to see you here again. Thanks!