Sunday, October 3, 2010


Turning circles
and pocketing stones,
we were more astonished
than we had ever been
by the sweet leaves,
and dry golden corn,
and the flowers
offering up their seeds –
and the white horse,
standing motionless,
in the stark pasture,
a hawk’s reflection
appearing in his big old eye –
their precious spirits
merging interminably.

In the wind, we heard
the weeping and laughter
of the fiddles and banjos,
harmonicas and mandolins,
and we danced along
for a little while in the grass,
under yellow gingko leaves,
eating wild grapes and
hard, sweet apples.
Toward home, at dusk,
there was only the
low hum of our voices -
the intimate press of our hands.


Margaret said...

Kaye this is beautiful - the poem and the photo.

I felt like reading it over and over again. It felt exactly as the title suggested - "A Lovely Whiling Away" - expressing the harmonious passion of autumn with all senses. I heard the sweet music of the instuments in the wind, tasted the richness of the fruit.
Your words refect a deep intimacy between you and your companion.

Just lovely...

Gordon Mason said...

Really enjoyed the images in this poem. And the flow and the rhythms worked along with the subject matter.

Karen said...

This is one of the best Autumn poems I've read, the imagery so clear that it bring this us into crisp, sweet day with you. The hawk's reflection and your assessment of it - a merging of spirits - is a beautiful image and symbol of this astonishing day.

Oddly enough, astonishment is the subject of my latest post but for a very different reason. I prefer yours.

RachelW said...

What a wonderful, autumnal feeling!

joaquin carvel said...

funny how fall seems like the fading away of the world - but it is so vibrant in this, invoking all the senses, rich and strong and alive.

and i love how you drink in the whole of the world around, but begin and end so intimately. talk about seeing the world as poetry - wow. this is timeless.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Margaret, I appreciate your comments so much. I can tell that you love fall, as well. I just wish fall lasted as long as winter seems to last. Thanks again!

Gordon, many thanks for stopping in and commenting so positively.

Karen, Oh! I must get right over and see what has astonished you. Thank you for your flattering estimation of this poem. It was a stellar day that we enjoyed.

Rachel - thank you!

Joaquin, I find your words so complimentary! Thank you very much. I do love fall and enjoy it, but - with a bit of regret, knowing that, soon, the cold winds will blow.

Anonymous said...

A perfect day in its grandness in small things.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Jason, yes - I have always found that it is the small things that can hold the most magic!

Okie Prof said...

Autumn is always the favorite season,and you caught the imagery of why it is on so many levels.

Thank you, friend.

Wild Rose said...

Loved the Autumn imagery and it's a beautiful poem...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Thanks, Terry. I'm heading over for coffee soon.

Wild Rose, I appreciate your stopping in and leaving such a sweet comment. :)

Vesper said...

Kaye, each line of your poem is pure joy to me. Thank you!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Vesper...many thanks for your sincere remarks! Glad this appealed to you in a special way!